Create Video Production

“Brands grow revenue 49% faster by adding video to their marketing strategy.” - Vidyard

The Production Department is our pride. Using a combination of great storytelling and stunning visuals, we're focused on providing you the best quality product, tailormade to suit your requirements.

From documentaries and digital video to travelogues and photography, our team is equipped to do it all.

  • Pre-Production

    From ideation and scripting to creating a vision and preparing for the shoot, we believe in spot-on pre-production that enables seamless shoots.

  • Production

    From small to large-scale productions, idea execution and cinematography, we aim to produce high-quality videos that tempt, delight, and provoke.

  • Post Production

    From color grading and sound design to special effects and editing, we create larger than life videos that bring your brand’s story to life in a way that’s never been done before.

Our Studio

East River is Pakistan’s first and only digital agency with an in-house production studio (46x16 ft), where the latest tools and equipments are displayed to create content.

Our production studio is equipped with chroma green screens and a readymade kitchen setup that ensure a speedy delivery of smaller production projects.

Showreel & Productions

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