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SEO & PPC Work Better When Used Together: Top Reasons!

Businesses are moving irresistibly to the digital environment. Today, from large companies to small companies, they all have many websites. However, a website alone is not enough for success. Sooner or later, companies begin to realize that it is necessary to use effective advertising tools online to attract customers. Contextual advertising and search engine optimization are just such tools. To begin with, both SEO and PPC allow you to drive visitors to your page, but they work in different ways. But how do PPC and SEO work together?

SEO and PPC cater to different goals. Shared use increases visibility due to behavioral factors. It allows you to quickly resist the background of negative information in your SEMs and manage your reputation, test changes, identify the most conversion keywords. As a result, search engine optimization is used as the main method of attracting targeted traffic. Publishing ads that will attract the attention of users with quality content provides a high advantage for users to notice the ads. 

And How PPC And SEO Work Together?

Both can have a different method of use, but it is thanks to this that they can complement each other. First, you will need to create clear and original content, use keywords (without abusing them), and have quality writing. If these follow-ups are met for web positioning, you will have developed an SEO strategy.

Once you have your content ready, you can not only have a good web positioning. Also, you can generate curiosity in users, making use of PPC. Ads will help you get more reach for your content. In this way, you can have quality content, which the search engine algorithm takes as a preference. But, in addition, the PPC will give you greater visibility and movement. SEO and PPC working together are the key to ensuring the web positioning you are looking for!

Major Reasons to Implement SEO and PPC Together

Moreover, there are tons of advantages that PPC and SEO together give you. For example, remarketing and access to more data that is effective for crafting new keywords. We’ll mention the major ones down below. 

Increased visibility

It is an obvious advantage of using the two strategies together. If you want your brand to be as visible as possible online, using SEO and PPC you can reach more people. If you hire SEO services or run an SEO campaign yourself, your brand will appear once in the search results in the organic ranking. However, if you add a PPC campaign, then you get added exposure, appearing in the results twice. Keep in mind that PPC ads usually appear among the first two or three search results in most search engines.


Remarketing is one of the most useful tools in search engine marketing. With this resource, you can choose those users who have visited your page from the organic search results, and serve the PPC ads to them, to get a higher number of conversions.

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Leverage keywords in PPC ads

Your page is getting a good ranking thanks to different keywords and paid social media marketing services. Some, you will have used them consciously, but others will have come more naturally. These types of natural rankings could be keywords that drive traffic and conversions. Therefore, it can be perfect to use them in PPC ads.

Keyword exchange

Sometimes there are keywords that are too expensive to use for PPC. To do this, one solution is to use them in an SEO campaign. That way, you'll still have your rankings safe for those keywords, and you'll have your PPC budget intact to spend on other, more affordable keywords.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using SEO and PPC together, as a way to be more effective in search engine marketing. The aforementioned ways would definitely help you understand how do SEO and PPC work together!

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